Optimizing for speed


So apparently, I’m facing a very interesting challenge. My team is making a HTML5 game, and I’ll eventually need to make it into a mobile game. So some say PhoneGap… while others (notably Colin… and from ownpersonal experience), might disagree. You may have noticed the blue thing at the top left, that’s the frame rate counter. For most applications, performance is not so important, but for games it is part of the user experience. Hence we had to make our prototype run as well as possible on a variety of browsers.

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Shifting focus


So roughly 3 weeks of development time and now we have an early prototype. Our focus would soon be shifting from writing code to doing not-so-programmer stuff, like adding new game content, performance tuning and marketing. This is probably the shortest post I’ve ever written, but that’s what happens when you have 3 concurrent major projects.

Preparing for the second half


Apparently, it feels as though some hours in the recess week were missing. I didn’t manage to complete a lot of the other stuff (non CS3216) that I was hoping to complete. With the mobile assignment done, I think I could concentrate on the other stuff. I’m particularly excited about the final project, because that would be the first time I am making a commercial application for a university project.

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Progress updates, and an invitation


Our application (Taak) (offline-capable version) has now reached its second iteration – it’s fully functional, so feel free to play with it. Progress on it is still a little slower than expected, but I guess a working application right now is probably pretty good considering the status of the other teams. I am also quite impressed with the Cloud Chess application at how polished and quickly it was developed. :)

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